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What is FastSatfinder?

An extremely fast and simple Satellite Finder for the Windows platform that will help you set up your satellite dish and easily find the signal for your satellite TV and satellite internet. There is no learning curve, and you will get professional results in just a few minutes. It's very easy!

You say Easy? Yes! The FastSatfinder will speak you the signal strength and/or quality and has many other cool features built in that are helpful for the novice and more advanced user. Learn more!

What registration means to me?

Lifetime Free Updates! One of the most exciting aspects about the FastSatfinder is that all updates are FREE for LIFE! This means that you're guaranteed to receive version 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, … absolutely for free.

UNLIMITED technical support by email for a period of one year.

The registration key you get will remove time limitation of the program.

No nags at startup. Register!

What's new?

FastSatfinder 2.7.0 NEW!
TT-Premium device is now supported (thanks to Gennady from Baikonur).Fixed C-Band support using ProgDVB engine. Improved performance and compatibility. Small changes in BDA module. Download!