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The European Region Tansponders List

Transponder INI files - Europe, Africa, and Middle East

Updated: November 11, 2019

Transponder lists is an ASCII text files that is organized in INI-file format and contains info about orbital position , frequencies, symbol rates and other specific information for each satellite. Usually, the lists of transponders are located in the folder named Transponders within the folder as your SAT-TV application.

PositionSatellite NameDownload File
1.9°EBulgariaSat 10019.ini
3.0°EEutelsat 3B / Rascom QAF 1R0030.ini
4.9°EAstra 4A / SES 50049.ini
7.0°EEutelsat 7A/7B0070.ini
9.0°EEutelsat 9B0090.ini
10.0°EEutelsat 10A0100.ini
13.0°EEutelsat Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E0130.ini
16.0°EEutelsat 16A0160.ini
19.2°EAstra 1KR/1L/1M/1N0192.ini
20.0°EArabsat 5C0200.ini
21.5°EEutelsat 21B0215.ini
23.5°EAstra 3B0235.ini
25.5°EEs'hail 10255.ini
26.0°EEs'hail 2 / Badr 4/5/6/70260.ini
28.2°EAstra 2E/2F/2G0282.ini
30.5°EArabsat 5A0305.ini
30.8°EEutelsat 31A0308.ini
31.5°EAstra 5B0315.ini
33.0°EIntelsat 28 / Eutelsat 33E0330.ini
36.0°EExpress AMU1 / Eutelsat 36B0360.ini
38.0°EPaksat 1R0380.ini
39.0°EHellas Sat 3 / Hellas Sat 40390.ini
40.0°EExpress AM70400.ini
42.0°ETürksat 3A/4A0420.ini
42.5°ENigComSat 1R0425.ini
45.0°EAzerSpace 2 / Intelsat 380450.ini
46.0°EAzerSpace 1 / Africasat 1a0460.ini
47.5°EIntelsat 100475.ini
49.0°EYamal 6010490.ini
50.0°ETurksat 4B0500.ini
51.5°EBelintersat 10515.ini
52.0°ETurkmenÄlem / MonacoSat0520.ini
52.5°EAl Yah 10525.ini
53.0°E Express AM60530.ini
55.0°EG-Sat 8 / G-Sat 16 / Yamal 4020550.ini
56.0°EExpress AT10560.ini
58.5°EKazSat 30585.ini
60.0°EIntelsat 33e0600.ini
62.0°EIntelsat 390620.ini
64.2°EIntelsat 906 0642.ini
65.0°EAmos 40650.ini
66.0°EIntelsat 170660.ini
68.5°EIntelsat 20/360685.ini
70.5°EEutelsat 70B0705.ini
72.1°EIntelsat 220721.ini