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The Asian Region Transponders List

Transponder INI files - Asia and Pacific

Updated: November 11, 2019

Transponder lists is an ASCII text files that is organized in INI-file format and contains info about orbital position , frequencies, symbol rates and other specific information for each satellite. Usually, the lists of transponders are located in the folder named Transponders within the folder as your SAT-TV application.

PositionSatellite NameDownload File
74.0°EG-Sat 180740.ini
75.0°EABS 2 / ABS 2A0750.ini
76.5°EApstar 70765.ini
78.5°EThaicom 5/6/80785.ini
83.0°EInsat 4B / G-Sat 10/310830.ini
85.0°EIntelsat 15 / Horizons 20850.ini
86.5°EKazSat 20865.ini
87.5°EChinaSat 120875.ini
88.0°EST 20880.ini
90.0°EYamal 4010900.ini
91.5°EMeasat 3 / 3a / 3b0915.ini
92.2°EChinaSat 90922.ini
93.5°EG-Sat 15 / G-Sat 170935.ini
95.0°E SES 80950.ini
96.5°EExpress AM330965.ini
97.3°EG-Sat 90973.ini
98.0°EChinaSat 110980.ini
100.5°EAsiaSat 51005.ini
103.0°EExpress AM31030.ini
105.5°EAsiaSat 71055.ini
108.2°ETelkom 1 / SES 7/91082.ini
110.0°EBSAT 3C/JCSAT 110R / BSAT 3A / JCSAT 151100.ini
110.5°EChinaSat 10 1105.ini
113.0°EKoreasat 5 / Koreasat 5A / Palapa D1130.ini
115.5°EChinasat 6B1155.ini
116.0°EABS 7 / Koreasat 6/71160.ini
118.0°ETelkom 3S1180.ini
119.3°EThaicom 4 / Bangabandhu 11193.ini
120.0°EAsiaSat 6 / Thaicom 71200.ini
122.0°EAsiaSat 91220.ini
124.0°EJCSAT 4B1240.ini
125.0°EChinaSat 6A1250.ini
128.0°EJCSAT 3A1280.ini
128.5°ELaoSat 11285.ini
132.0°EJCSAT 5A / Vinasat 1/21320.ini
134.0°EApstar 6C1340.ini
138.0°ETelstar 18 Vantage1380.ini
140.0°EExpress AM5 / Express AT21400.ini
142.0°EApstar 91420.ini
144.0°ESuperbird C21440.ini
146.0°ENusantara Satu1460.ini
152.0°EOptus D21520.ini
154.0°EJCSAT 2B1540.ini
156.0°EOptus 10 / Optus D31560.ini
159.0°EABS 61590.ini
160.0°EOptus D11600.ini
162.0°ESuperbird B31620.ini
166.0°EIntelsat 191660.ini
169.0°EHorizons 3e 1690.ini
172.0°EEutelsat 172B1720.ini
180.0°EIntelsat 181800.ini
177.0°WNSS 91830.ini