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FastSatfinder Features

About Satfinder

FastSatfinder is the most complete virtual satellite finder currently available. It will help you set up your satellite dish and easily find the signal for your satellite TV and satellite internet. In fact, you do not need any device other than a PC DVB-S / DVB-S2 tuner in order to use virtual satellite finder. It already supports many DVB-S / DVB-S2 PC Tuners from different hardware manufacturers, such as TechniSat, Hauppauge, TechnoTrend, Prof, Tevii, Pinnacle, TwinHan, DVB World, GeniaTech, Acorp, Digital Everywhere … For an up-to-date list of devices supported by FastSatfinder, see Devices section.

FastSatfinder - Satellite Finder Software

While we could try to describe what the wealth of features of FastSatfinder do, the best way to experience it is to download and install a tryout on your computer for evaluation. The tryout version include all of the program's features.


FastSatfinder is the result of years of development. We have created many unique technologies that can be only be found in FastSatfinder. And we're not going to stop here. We constantly aim to reach the highest possible functionality and usability for our FastSatfinder users.

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FastSatfinder has many advantageous features to make it an extremely powerful tool for antenna installation and maintenance tasks. With FastSatfinder you can not only calculate the angles necessary for installing satellite dishes, you can also monitor your signal strength/quality in real time whilst aligning antenna. This is an important difference between FastSatfinder and similar software.

"Live" speaking of signal …

The ability to play back current signal values in a spoken voice. Languages currently supported are: English, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, French, Turkish. Also it can signals an audio tone. Various audio modes are available for selection.

Real-time signal processing

Automation of all parameters

Multiple devices support

DVB engines

Satellite dish alignment module

Mobile module

DiSEqC module

Predefined transponders data


FastSatfinder window is fully skinnable, so you can completely change the look and feel of the software. The software comes with several skins by default, but you can also download other skins from our Download page.

More information about all the features and how they work can be found on the Quick Help page.