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The American Region Transponders List

Transponders INI files - North and South America

Updated: November 11, 2019

Transponder lists is an ASCII text files that is organized in INI-file format and contains info about orbital position , frequencies, symbol rates and other specific information for each satellite. Usually, the lists of transponders are located in the folder named Transponders within the folder as your SAT-TV application.

PositionSatellite NameDownload File
61.5°WEchoStar 162985.ini
63.0°WTelstar 14R2970.ini
65.0°WStar One C1 / Eutelsat 65 West A2950.ini
67.0°WSES 102930.ini
70.0°WStar One C2 / C42900.ini
71.8°WArsat 12882.ini
72.7°WNimiq 52873.ini
75.0°WStar One C32850.ini
77.0°WQuetzSat 12830.ini
78.0°WSimón Bolívar2820.ini
78.8°WSky Mexico 12812.ini
81.0°WArsat 22790.ini
82.0°WNimiq 42780.ini
84.0°W Star One D12760.ini
87.1°WSES2 / TKSat 12729.ini
89.0°WGalaxy 282710.ini
91.0°WGalaxy 17 / Nimiq 62690.ini
93.1°WGalaxy 252669.ini
95.0°WGalaxy 3C / Intelsat 30/312650.ini
97.0°WGalaxy 192630.ini
99.2°WGalaxy 16 / DirecTV 11/14 2608.ini
101.0°WSES1 / DirecTV 82590.ini
103.0°WSES3 / DirecTV 10/122570.ini
105.0°WAMC 15 / EchoStar 105/SES 112550.ini
107.3°WAnik F1R / Anik G12527.ini
110.0°WDirecTV 5 / EchoStar 10/112500.ini
111.1°WAnik F22489.ini
113.0°W Eutelsat 113 West A2470.ini
114.9°WEutelsat 115 West B2451.ini
117.0°WEutelsat 117 West A / B2430.ini
119.0°WAnik F3 / EchoStar 14 / DirecTV 7S2410.ini
121.0°WEchoStar 9 / Galaxy 232390.ini
123.0°WGalaxy 182370.ini
125.0°WGalaxy 14 / AMC 21 2350.ini
127.0°WGalaxy 13 / Horizons 12330.ini
129.0°WCiel 22310.ini
131.0°WAMC 112290.ini
133.0°WGalaxy 152270.ini
139.0°WAMC 82210.ini